New Horizons

"Another bounty?"

Session 1.2

The job passed to the PCs from Oba was issued by the local Imperial Governor. The Governor has taken to handing off any assignments he considers low priority to bounty hunters. The job is simple; collar a local kid, Norin Norudi, for conspiracy against the Empire. Oba insists that they perform this job quietly, without their usual dramatic flair.

With their third bounty in a row fresh on their minds, the PCs headed to the nearby equipment emporium to purchase any hard goods they felt necessary. Their shop is a shop called Jon’s, after the Toydarian shopkeeper. It contains just what they can afford, but not what they really want. Jowy-Kan heads straight to the weapon wall upon entering, growling every so often at the fact Jon has no vibro weapons. Otzz goes to the counter to talk with Jon about any new small arms, only to settle for a Light Blaster Pistol. IG-S4X spends its time rummaging through the spare parts bin, occasionally spinning the top half of its body in excitement over battle damaged armor plates and out of commission blaster parts.

After grabbing their share of Stimpacks, backpacks, belts, weapons, and Jowy’s impulse climbing equipment, the PCs head off into the Phelar night to find Norin.

The last known location of Norin on the holo pad given to the heroes highlights the residential district near the spaceport. They waste little time getting there and began canvasing the street for Norin. After their basic search turned up nothing, they decide to show Norin’s image to some random passerby. Upon showing it to an old woman making her way down the street, she acknowledges the person on the holo and points them towards a nearby building. The woman then fearfully scuttled off. Jowy decides to stay down on the street as Otzz and IG-S4X make their way into the building. The interior of the apartment building is hard to navigate, due to the lighting being dim and broken in places along the rim of the walls. They make their way to the floor indicated on the wall of the entrance and decide to knock on some doors. This plan proves nearly fatal as the inhabitant of the first apartment Otzz knocks on proceeds to fire a few blaster rounds straight through the door.

IG-S4X’s attempts prove more fruitful as he locates the slightly open door to the residence of Norin Norudi. Upon entering the apartment they notice it has been abandoned very recently. The holo terminal is still active and paperwork is strewn across the floor. While the two search the apartment for clues to Norin’s whereabouts they are notified by Jowy that a small group of Imperials is making its way up the street. Acting quickly, they check the paperwork and find a receipt for the Phelar Spaceport Dock 4 set to depart two hours from the current time.

As the duo are leaving the apartment they hear Stormtrooper comms in the hallway, so they close and lock Norin’s door, then proceed down the fire escape. Once down, they race over to the Phelar Spaceport, since it is only a short distance away, and also because their pockets are a little thin from their shopping spree.

Otzz in the lead, the PCs head into the spaceport and spread out to try and locate Norin. The spaceport has noticeably increased its Imperial activity since they were there earlier. Remembering what Oba said about keeping a low profile, the team decides to split up, with Jowy-Kan heading to Dock 4, IG-S4X shimmying and gyrating its way towards Dock 12, and Otzz brazenly asking an Imperial Stormtrooper why they’ve all of a sudden increased their numbers at the spaceport.

The trooper tells the Bothan to be on his way, whenOtzz asks if they were perhaps looking for someone. The trooper turns toward the hero and pushes him back into the flow of people. Otzz notices the trooper following him from a distance as he makes his way through the open space.

Around towards Dock 8 he locates Norin at a merchant stand and goes to speak with him. Norin is noticeably alarmed that someone identified him and wants nothing to do with the Bothan. He starts making his way towards Dock 4 with noticeable haste. Not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to its companion, IG-S4X decides to head into a nearby corridor, meters away from a perfectly usable fire alarm system, and fire a few blaster rounds into the air to gain their attention.

S4X succeeds in drawing four troopers to its location, but fails in making a stealthy exit. Now it has four troopers chasing it as it pop locks its way through the crowd and towards the pedestrian paths outside. Meanwhile, Otzz has been following Norin to the entrance of Dock 4, where Jowy quickly grabs the young human and whisks him behind a ball. This move goes surprisingly unseen for a Wookiee of Jowy’s size. Otzz is about to pat himself on the back for a job well done when he is shoved by a feisty Norin right into the Stormtrooper that has been following him. The trooper demands Otzz stop, but Otzz and Jowy-Kan, with Norin in tow, run outside to find anything they can use to escape.

S4X is outside at this point, moving around the exterior of the space port towards Dock 4, dodging fire as it waits to be rescued.

Jowy, not wanting to deal with a struggling Norin, knocks him unconscious with the bludgeon he purchased fromJon.

Otzz is able to locate a simple speeder and override the controls to make off with it. Otzz, Jowy, and the comatose Norin then flew along the outside of the space port to find S4X. They manage to locate the droid near Dock 12, flailing its arms at the sight of the four troopers in a semi-circle around it. Just as they are about to fire, Otzz has his customary flash of piloting brilliance. He decides to swing around low to sideswipe all four troopers with the speeder. He fails to do so, and simply crashes the speeder onto the permacrete in front of them, toppling it to one side.

In the midst of the confusion, the group reassembles themselves inside the speeder while dodging blaster fire. Otzz is able to restart the speeder and continue their escape. After trying for a second time to sideswipe a cluster of troopers and permanently damaging the repulsors of the speeder in the process, Otzz pilots the speeder into the Phelar residential district. He successfully evades a small Imperial patrol vehicle and the group makes their way back to The Hairy Bothan with Norin Norudi.



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