New Horizons

Imperial Assistance

Session 5.1

Two days have passed since the return to Formos Spaceport. The party is currently onboard the Myth King. Otzz and Wally are up front arguing over the theory of slingshotting around a planet, S4X is in engineering slapping away Zorba’s hand every time the Hutt tries to flip a switch. Zorba presses a particularly large red button while the droids back is turned and momentarily flares the repulsors, causing the ship to rock. This tosses Jowy out of his bunk and all of the components of the rifle Rage was cleaning onto the deck.

A communication comes through up front telling them if they wish for repairs to be completed in a timely manner it would be best for them to not hinder efforts.

Another alarm blares, but this one is not coming from inside the ship. Otzz and Jowy head down the landing ramp to see a group swoop bikers tearing through the streets outside of the docking bay. They are firing at everyone and everything. Small explosions rock the street. Bodies of citizens and some Imperials are lying unmoving on the ground.

Otzz Kortu runs into the middle of the cross section to confront the bikers but is instead struck by one of their vehicles. He is lucky to be in one piece. Switch is seen rushing through the open street towards the dock with his pit droid. Their progress is slow because of everything they are carrying. A biker at the end of the street has lined him up and is about starting to head straight for him when Jowy distracts the biker and saves the Chadra-Fan. The biker however manages to make off with Switch’s pit droid. He watches helplessly as it is carried into the wastes. Switch pleads with Jowy-Kam to save his droid as it is all he has. He claims he will do anything if they return the droid to him.

While Jowy is contemplating this with Otzz the rest of the party make their way out of the ship, save for Rage, who would rather stay and clean his weapons. S4X is spotted by two more swoop bikers and grabbed away from his companions immediately. They fire on the thieves immediately but land no hits. Instead, one of the only remaining Stormtroopers still standing opens fire, causing them to drop S4X and retreat.

After the ruckus is over, Dara comes out of her office with a somber look on her face. She tells Zorba she doesn’t know what kind of pirates would cause all of this destruction for droids. The Stormtrooper last seen firing to free S4X makes his way up to the PCs while they are deciding whether or not to go after Switch’s pit droid. He requests their help to track down the terrorist responsible for murdering his squad and he cannot reach command at the moment.

Since their ship is still out of commission the present heroes decide to help the Stormtrooper because he is heading in the same direction as the people that stole from Switch. The trooper now identified as TK-606, wastes little time in retrieving his transport. Once everyone is on board they head in the last known direction of the swoop gang. An easily identified wake is left from the group moving across the wastes of Formos. Six-Oh-Six follows this path and soon comes chases down two of the responsible terrorists still in transit. The group manages to use the forward mounted turrets to send one into a deadly tailspin. The other escapes into a narrow crag. TK-606 brings the transport to a stop at the head of the crag and tells the party they have to go on foot from there.

The area opens at the bottom into a large gorge with small plateaus and antiquated ship debris littering the area. TK-606 comments that this must be one of the sites of the Battle of Formos almost 30 years prior. As soon as the entire group moves into this gorge blaster fire erupts around them. Clearly an ambush has been set for the intruders. Enemies dot the tops of every elevated position in the area and rain constant fire on the party. TK-606 is quick to yell for everyone to take cover. Jowy races to the nearest cliff face and unstraps his climbing gear. He uses it to climb the sheer face and eliminate the man firing at them.

Seeing their chance, the PCs move further into the gorge and run into a few pirates on the ground as well as a mounted turret further away. This momentary distraction gives the sniper on the other side of the area a chance to plant a shot directly into S4X. S4X crumples against a wall and requests immediate assistance before it is taken offline. Zorba and Wahlly move towards the turret and utilize the same strategy as Jowy. Zorba boost Wahlly up to the position and he removes the pirate from the turret. Another blast rings out from across the gorge; the sniper is still very much alive and limiting movement.

TK-606 commands Wahlly to turn that turret on the cliff face and not the sniper. Wahlly does this and collapses the entire side of the cliff, bringing the sniper down with it in the process. Once the fire ceases, the party regroups and pushes further into the canyon. Around a bend, at the opening of a large cavern, there is a man standing ready. Once the man notices the party he sends out something a little more formidable than the pirates encountered earlier; A handful of Clone Wars era B2 Battle Droids. TK-606 now knows exactly who he is dealing with. It’s Sham Haren.


Six-Oh-Six tells the group before the ensuing battle that Sham is a known thief and hacker but until now he has only been a nuisance. The Imperial Army will be delighted to hear he has moved onto larger things and thus moved onto their radar. Six-Oh-Six retreats to try and reach command again. Meanwhile, Zorba moves to the front of a battered droid transport and attempts to gain entry. B2 droids are firing at him, forcing him to hurry or face certain doom. Success! Zorba manages to drop the hatch on the front of the ship. He is suddenly faced with a dire situation as multiple pairs of B1 series droids start pouring out of the transport. Zorba shifts as quickly as he can out of the area. Wahlly has moved to another position overlooking the southern portion of the canyon and readies a frag grenade to assist Zorba. The grenade lands directly in the center of a group of droids and destroys all five. Zorba seizes the opportunity to engage the remaining five as they move around the back of the vehicle he is taking cover behind.


Sham Haren retreats back into the cave, but not before issuing an unheard command to his droids. Almost instantly Clone Wars era battle droids start clawing their way out of the ground all over the canyon. Another trap!

With the party spread out all over the southern portion of the gorge, it seems like they are outnumbered. That is until blaster fire rings out from the North, announcing the timely arrival of Rage Cabaril. He immediately baits a group of droids to his position.

Jowy-Kam vaults on top of one of the Super Battle Droids and rips it apart with his bare hands.

Otzz and TK-606 take cover behind a junked landspeeder as they fire at another squad of droids.

Wahlly stays on top of his ridge and lays suppressing fire as needed.

Slowly the heroes gain the upper hand on the droids, oft referred to as “Butter Droids”. Their high fire power belays their inferior design. Rage fights through the group he was engaged with at the same time Zorba topples the last of his group with his Force Pike.

Smoke rises from the nearly thirty downed battle droids all over the area. The skirmish is over, but Sham is still in the area. TK-606 gives everyone a chance to catch their breath before he makes for the cave.

In a particularly bold attempt to gain the advantage, IG-S4X tries to hack the Multi Troop Transport and take control of the remaining droids. To the disbelief of the others he succeeds and now commands a group of five B1 droids. The droids fumble through the terrain and await command.


Their first action is to clear the refuse blocking the entrance to the cave. After this is done the party move deeper into the cave. The interior is littered with spare parts and containers. A generator stands by the entrance and a series of droids stand offline along the walls. Sham Haren is standing at a terminal located in front of a huge hole. The hole dominates the interior of the cave. “I have a bad feeling about this.” ”/characters/jowy" class=“wiki-content-link”>Jowy comments. Sham notices the group but continues his frantic manipulating of the terminal. Rage wastes no time in firing at Sham to end this once and for all. To his surprise, none of his bolts strike Sham. “A deflector shield. A powerful one at that.” claims Six-Oh-Six. Jowy knows that if he moves inside of the shield he can attack Sham directly. He does this but not before Sham activates the few droids he has left.

The droids engage in a firefight with S4X’s droids and each group proceeds to destroy…… the walls behind the other. No fire is connecting during this display of complete incompetence. Otzz adds to the mess when he slides between the fighting droids and misfires his weapon. This move nearly costs him his life as fire from S4X’s droids strike Otzz in the back.

Jowy bellows as he lays out Sham Heram with a powerful strike. Sham laughs painfully on the ground as he coughs up blood on himself. “I-I was supposed to rule. You’re too late.” As Sham finishes his sentence, rows of lights start to flick on along the sides of the hole and a metallic screech is heard at the bottom. Jowy wants no part of the unknown being and head towards the entrance with haste. TK-606 asks Zorba to try and overload the generator they passed on the way in to bring down the cave. Wahlly quietly slaps a pair of binders on the severely injured Sham. He means to move the man out of the cave and take him with them.

S4X remembers that they were in the area to find Switch’s pit droid and pushes further into the cave, alone. It moves into a room lined with terminals and finds the droid cowering in a corner. IG-S4X reassures the little droid and ushers it outside.

As he is doing so the members of the group remaining in the cavern see what was making all of the noise emerge from the hole. A 12 foot tall Scorpenek Annihilator Droid. It lets another metallic roar and moves for the group. They rush outside as Zorba’s mechanically overloaded generator explodes, caving in the entrance. TK-606 knows from the Imperial Academy that these droids were responsible for taking out scores of Republic armament by themselves during the Clone Wars. It needs to be dealt with immediately or the situation could get much worse. Zorba and Wahlly have made it their prerogative to hot wire a land speeder parked near the cave and hightail it out of the gorge. Their attempt proves fruitful and they speed away from a rain of boulders. The Annihilator has recovered and is heading straight for them.

The entire group is retreating until TK-606, successful in reaching command after the destruction of the cave, radios their situation. They are tasked with keeping the droid occupied until a Star Destroyer can jump to the system.

TK-606 relays this information and being a soldier expects complete affirmation. Instead he sees Zorba and Wahlly speeding away; IG-S4X running away with his remaining droids now carrying the pit droid; and Jowy-Kam nearly at the entrance of the gorge. Rage rises to the challenge and hops on one of the mounted turrets still standing in the area. Otzz follows suit and attempts to override the guns on the multi troop transport.

Rage opens fire on the Annihilator but is met with the same results as when he fired on Sham. It also has a personal deflector shield. TK-606 tells Wahlly to bring the speeder back and move him inside of the shield. Wahlly and Zorba assist, begrudgingly. They maneuver the landspeeder directly through the legs of the droid while Six-Oh-Six leaps onto its midsection. The droid is jostling him all over the place but he refuses to let go. Otzz successfully overrides the controls on the transport and fires at the droid to distract it. The plan works and the droids begins to move towards the vehicle.

TK-606 hoists himself onto the head of the Annihilator and fires point black into the red “eye” of the droid, blinding it. The droid flails frantically and sends him flying off into the side of a rock face. This move helps the team greatly, but does not end the battle. TK-606 knows that a shield covering something that size is normally in a fixed location and not on the unit itself. Six-Oh-Six comms the party and tells them to scout the area for anything that could be doing this. Otzz notices a satellite dish on top of a rock formation near the cave and radios Wahlly that it needs to be destroyed.

Wahlly and Zorba make their way to the formation and move towards the dish as Rage and Otzz attempt to further aggravate the Annihilator. Wahlly rigs the satellite dish to explode and races away from the blast with Zorba. In that instant Rage and Otzz lay heavy fire on the droid, eating away at its plating. The Annihilator moves towards Rage’s position, stepping on TK-606 in the process. The metal pierces directly through the trooper’s laminate armor and pins his leg to the ground under it.

Rage wryly admits that he needs some help and that’s all the concession Jowy-Kam needs to swoop in. He hopes to take back the enforcer moniker that Rage usurps every time he downs a group of enemies in one stroke. Jowy rushes at the Annihilator, pummeling it with his Wookiee rage. Attacking a creature of this size with his bare hands is sure to put Jowy over with group. If only the droid hadn’t immediately struck back, sending Jowy reeling. TK-606, nearly unconscious, tosses his data pad to Jowy. He yells at him to leave him and get out of the area, then use the pad to coordinate the orbital bombardment with the waiting Star Destroyer.

Jowy lets loose a few accepting grunts and turns to rally the rest of the group. Seeing Jowy’s somewhat self-centered approach to bravery, S4X tries his own approach and sends his droid minions to save TK-606 while he stays safely out of the way. They set down Switch’s pit droid and move towards the battle. Not knowing what else to do, they clamp his leg at the point of the piercing and forcibly remove him from the droid. The amputation is about as unclean as it gets, but they were under the gun. Wahlly and Zorba circle around one more time to pick up the injured trooper and scoot off towards Formos Spaceport as quickly as they can. Jowy, S4X, Otzz and Rage move into the Imperial Troop Transport. Jowy confirms the orbital bombardment of the area.

“Roger. Commencing Orbital Bombardment.”, returns a voice through the data pad.

Six-Oh-Six failed to mention that the Imperial Star Destroyers do not focus their fire on a small area and instead blanket an entire swath. They narrowly make it out of the fire zone and into open terrain. A look back sees the Annihilator being mercilessly destroyed by turbolaser fire.



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