New Horizons

EPISODE II: The Kessel Sector

Session 4.1

After receiving the coordinates to the rumored location of a lost spice shipment from Pash, the heroes waste no time in headed to the Kessel Sector. A few successful hyperspace jumps lands them in orbit around the planet Formos. A straightforward female voice interrupts the group’s collective credit-eating grin; ‘’1300, Krayt Fang, this is Communications Officer Dara. What is the nature of your visit’’

Otzz lies and tells her they are there to deliver parts and also uses the opportunity to refute the name of the ship. Officer Dara tells the crew if they wish to re-designate their ship and title that they must come to the Spaceport Control Office upon landing. She adds, ’’You’ve been cleared to land in Berth 3, Krayt Fang. Welcome to Formos.’’

The ship sweeps down through the atmosphere and across the rugged terrain of planet. Its destination, Formos Spaceport. The planet offers little in the way of aesthetics, so the space port garners a lot of off world attention.

When the crew of The Myth King disembarks from their ship, they head to the Spaceport Office to speak withComm Officer Dara. She is found pacing around a room filled with terminals and personnel. Her rushed pace betrays her tone. She is stopped byOtzz and spends the necessary amount of time at a console handling the title exchange. The group asks Officer Dara a few questions since they are unfamiliar with the system. She tells them that mostly cargo ships come through the space port, and that they do not pry too hard into the contents of a ships hold because smugglers have so many hiding spots for goods. She also makes it known that she hates pirates and appreciates any efforts to help eradicate them. After saying her piece, she tells them they’re better off going to the cantina if they need information.

Otzz,Jowy and S4X head towards a booming establishment that sticks out against the dank backdrop of Formos like a star in space. The Intrepid Cantina is a little slice of the Core on the inside. Neon lights, holo screens and loud music permeate the room. From the entrance the entire right side of the cantina is a bar area, while the left side contains a gambling area, lounge, and a publicly accessible Bounty Board. Otzz Kortu heads to the bar to speak with the bartender while S4X andJowy-Kam check out the bounty board.

Jowy signs off on the first bounty to come up on the board. The bounty is for a Duros namedBana Vookto.Vookto is wanted for pirating in the Drualkiin system.

Back at the bar Otzz Kortu is told that his best bet to find anything specific may be the Kessel Run, and that if they plan on flying through that they’ll need to upgrade their ship sensors.

Looking around the room, the reunited group see a Chadra-Fan at the bar that shows telltale signs of being a junker; a pair of Weequay at the far end of the room flanking their Hutt employer; a young Corellian human trying to gain the attention of a pair of Twi’lek women.

IG-S4X goes and talks to the Corellian at the Jubilee Wheel. He is clearly inebriated but is clear about one thing, he wants to fly. He introduces himself as Wahlly Revik.S4X asks if he wants to join the group to assist them on their mission. Wahlly accepts the offer and turns back to the Wheel.

Finished at the Bounty Board, Jowy-Kam makes his way to the Hutt in the corner of the room. He is stopped by the two Weequay before reaching the Hutt. The ask Jowy the name of his ship and if they have permission to inspect it. If he allows them to do this it and the ship passes inspection, then they could be contacted to move goods for the Baron of Formos at a later date. Jowy comms his group and is given the go ahead. He heads off with the Weequay to the dock, leaving the others behind with the Hutt. Zorba Desilijic introduces himself and tries to make a bargain with the group at large. If they are able to get him off the planet, he will help them fence the shipment they are looking for.

Zorba no longer wants to be a part of the murder and slaving that his clan is known for. He is delighted that they will help him get off planet, but tells them in order to get away from the clan permanently they must fake his death. The group agrees amongst themselves that this can be done no problem and make their way out of the cantina. Wahlly Revik andZorba Desilijic join the party.

Otzz leads the way from the cantina over to Zord’s Atmosphere Baths. IG-S4X takes up a position outside the bathhouse. They happen across a group of Mon Calamari in one room. They are the weapons systems of one of their cruisers. They detest the ship they came to the system on, citing its lack of a natural feel. Zorba sees his opportunity to strike up a conversation with the nearest one, Sissia Eenkar. Sissia loves talking gadgetry and is receptive to their need of an upgraded scanner. She offers to upgrade the ship’s scanners for 8000cR or 2000cR if they can bring her parts. List in hand, they leave the bathhouse and move out into the greater Formos Spaceport.

Remembering the Chadra-Fan, Otzz goes back to the cantina and procures some of the necessary parts from Switch. He asksSwitch if he knows where they might find any of the other parts. He tells them there is a derelict ship near Drualkiin that is still mostly intact for now. Switch warns that the work is dangerous but rewarding.

The PCs meet back at the dock of The Myth King to discuss the death of Zorba Desilijic. Zorba lets it be known that he must be onboard when the ship is destroyed because the Hutts have eyes everywhere. This complicates the plan, but does not make it impossible.
Three ships leave the spaceport, heading in different directions at staggered times. These ships, The Myth King, Calamity-7 and Spirit of Doop prepare for what is to come. Once clear of the planet’s gravity well Calamity-7 moves into firing range and lets loose a volley into the ship. As soon as this happens Zorba’s men begin evasive maneuvers to escape the system. Wahlly begins another firing run on Spirit of Doop. Onboard Spirit of Doop, Zorba makes his way to the engineering compartment to assist with the destruction his ship. Another round of turret fire strikes the ship from The Myth King. Thinking quickly, Zorba disables his Weequay bodyguard in the engineering compartment and disables his ship’s shields before moving towards his escape pod. On the way to the escape pod he accesses the ships scanners and removes one of the components necessary for the group to upgrade their own scanners.

With one final collaborative effort, Zorba moves to his escape pod and readies it; The Myth King moves into firing position; and Calamity-7 flies right up next to Spirit of Doop. In the same moment The Myth King fires, Zorba ejects his escape pod directly into the docking clamps of Calamity-7. The effort is successful and all parties escape the brief fireball of the ship exploding.



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