New Horizons


Session 4.2

After the unique experience of faking their new companion’s death, S4X sets coordinates for Drualkiin. Their hope is to find the pirate Bana Vookto as well as the remains of a ship Switch told them about. Upon arriving over the predominately dessert world of Drualkiin, they find what appears to be a ship of Mon Calamari design. The ship has been blown in half and the immediate area is still rife with debris. Calamity-7 and The Myth King engage scanners to check the area. A sweep only shows debris.

Drualkiin debris field.

IG-S4X volunteers to check the destroyed ship for anything they can use because no one aboard either freighter has space faring equipment. AsS4X is being lowered to the dead ship, three more ships light up the sensors from the edge of the system. Their unexpected arrival grants them an opportunity to fire on Calamity-7. The Chance Lizard proceeds to engage Wahlly and Zorba aboard the Calamity-7 while the two fighters engage the Myth King. The firefight is above Drualkiin is a test of both ships capabilities. Calamity-7 is able to out maneuver the Chance Lizard on every occasion, but suffers brutal laser turret damage each time the ship gets close. At the same time, the Myth King is feeling the absence of its second gunner, Rage Cabaril, who took another bounty mission after Eriadu. The fighters are taking advantage of the lack of crew members by berating the hull with constant fire from all sides.

IG-S4X finds nothing of value on the first half of the ship and lines up a jump through open space to the next half of the ship.

S4X lines up a jump.

Just afterS4X lands on the back half of the ship, Wahlly flies through the debris field towards the Chance Lizard. He fires his forward mounted turrets and lands a glancing blow on Bana’s ship. In the rear of Calamity-7Zorba is busy angling the deflector shields to lessen the damage from any incoming laser fire.

S4X reaches a faintly blinking terminal and disassembles the power unit, successfully grabbing another component for their new scanner. It comms the Myth King to await pickup as it pokes around for Mon Cal goods to take toSissia and her homesick comrades.

The Myth King is able to destroy the second of the two fighters and turns to enter the fight with the Chance Lizard. Wahlly has gained the advantage on the freighter and made a daring maneuver to disable its top set of turrets. Zorba is able to jam its sensors, rendering it blind to Wahlly’s attempt. A successful volley disables the turret and evens the fight with this formidable foe. Now fighting a two on one battle, the Chance Lizard navigates towards the edge of Drualkiin space. Otzz navigates the weakened ships comm signatures and seizes a chance to disable the deflector shields completely. The defenseless Chance Lizard is almost near the edge of the system when it reactivates its top gun turret.

Wahlly puts everything into his engines to catch the ship and end the fight when a sudden barrage of fire from both turrets of the Chance Lizard completely disables his ship.

As Otzz comms the ship to ensure everyone’s safety the Chance Lizard jettisons both of its escape pods towards the planet. The Myth King turns on the ship andJowy expels everything he has into it. The Chance Lizard breaks up and explodes almost instantly. The battle is over, with a heavy cost. S4X is brought back on board the Myth King before both ships return to Formos.Wahlly’s ship has to be aided into the spaceport. It requires heavy repairs and will not be flyable for some time.

The Myth King also goes in for repairs, though they are told it should only be a matter of a few days for their repairs to be complete. The group goes to the cantina to turn in their bounty for Bana Vookto and figure out what to do from there….



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