New Horizons

EPISODE I: Home Sweet Home

Session 1.1

The action begins as the PCs arrive back on the planet Eriadu. The party, consisting of Bothan Otzz Kortu, Wookiee Jowy-Kam, and IG Droid designation S4X, have just arrived in the spaceport city of Phelar. Their latest job was yet another “carefully planned” disaster as per usual and left them without a ship or equipment.

After heading to their HQ, they receive a new message from their employer Oba.

The group heads to The Hairy Bothan Cantina in the commercial district of Phelar to meet with Oba about their latest mission. After being allowed past Oba’s sole Gand security guard, they encounter another bounty hunter just leaving. The individual called Brody shoves his way past the PCs and leaves without uttering a word. Oba is not in the least surprised that the PCs have returned with the job complete, but with little more than the shirts on their backs still intact. After confirming the bounty, Oba issues the PCs their customary 1500cR for low profile work, plus a few additional credits to rearm themselves.

After receiving their paltry sum, Otzz, annoyed with the fact that Brody keeps getting higher profile jobs, demands Oba start giving the group a larger piece of the pie. Upon finishing his tired diatribe to their long-time employer, Otzz and company are given an opportunity to show their merit. Oba can scoff at the way they achieve their goals all he wants, but he can’t deny that they produce results. Now if they could only keep a ship intact.



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