Now a rebel agent, Pash has grown bored of his assignment


Pash is a former smuggler turned rebel agent. He was the pilot of the Krayt Fang before being stationed on the under construction Keff Base on Sullust. Pash gained knowledge of a spice shipment said to be up for grabs and took it upon himself to sneak off post.

Pash did not make it very far before being apprehended by Imperials and placed aboard Prisoner Transport 1138. After dropping his pseudonym Marlem, Pash offered the players a chance to join the Rebellion.

Pash was able to comm the Krayt Fang to help them escape the transport before it reached its destination.

Upon escaping and reassessing his priorities, Pash granted ownership of the Fang to Otzz Kortu and his party. Pash then left Phelar in his E-Wing and headed back to Sullust.

He remains a contact for the PCs.


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