Has a song in its heart and a gun on its chest


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Strain 12
Wound 14
Soak 3

Tinkerer: The character makes one piece of equipment more modifiable. He choses one piece of equipment and increases its number of hard points by one. He can only do this once per piece of equipment, but can modify a number of pieces of equipment equal to his ranks in Tinkerer. If he loses a modified piece of equipment, he may apply Tinkerer to a new one.

Activation: PASSIVE

The character increases his wound threshold by two per rank of Toughened.

Activation: PASSIVE


CAREER Technician

IG-S4X wasn’t always an IG Assassin Droid. S4X used to be a protocol droid that his owner adored, until a speeder accident demolished his body. Thinking quickly, his former owner moved his remaining memory into the body of a decommissioned IG droid. What little programming that was left in the IG proceeded to merge with S4X’s memory and produce a deadly, but graceful hybrid. S4X decided to utilize its new programming for a life of adventure and intrigue.

Has been known to pal around with Otzz Kortu, Rage Cabaril and Jowy-Kam, atleast until its body is adequately upgraded.

IG-S4X is always looking for ways to improve its beat up, rusty exterior. Thus, it seeks out any terminal that may hold schematics to use in the process. If a useful one is found it sends them to its former owner to see what he thinks.


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