New Horizons

Imperial Assistance
Session 5.1

Two days have passed since the return to Formos Spaceport. The party is currently onboard the Myth King. Otzz and Wally are up front arguing over the theory of slingshotting around a planet, S4X is in engineering slapping away Zorba’s hand every time the Hutt tries to flip a switch. Zorba presses a particularly large red button while the droids back is turned and momentarily flares the repulsors, causing the ship to rock. This tosses Jowy out of his bunk and all of the components of the rifle Rage was cleaning onto the deck.

A communication comes through up front telling them if they wish for repairs to be completed in a timely manner it would be best for them to not hinder efforts.

Another alarm blares, but this one is not coming from inside the ship. Otzz and Jowy head down the landing ramp to see a group swoop bikers tearing through the streets outside of the docking bay. They are firing at everyone and everything. Small explosions rock the street. Bodies of citizens and some Imperials are lying unmoving on the ground.

Otzz Kortu runs into the middle of the cross section to confront the bikers but is instead struck by one of their vehicles. He is lucky to be in one piece. Switch is seen rushing through the open street towards the dock with his pit droid. Their progress is slow because of everything they are carrying. A biker at the end of the street has lined him up and is about starting to head straight for him when Jowy distracts the biker and saves the Chadra-Fan. The biker however manages to make off with Switch’s pit droid. He watches helplessly as it is carried into the wastes. Switch pleads with Jowy-Kam to save his droid as it is all he has. He claims he will do anything if they return the droid to him.

While Jowy is contemplating this with Otzz the rest of the party make their way out of the ship, save for Rage, who would rather stay and clean his weapons. S4X is spotted by two more swoop bikers and grabbed away from his companions immediately. They fire on the thieves immediately but land no hits. Instead, one of the only remaining Stormtroopers still standing opens fire, causing them to drop S4X and retreat.

After the ruckus is over, Dara comes out of her office with a somber look on her face. She tells Zorba she doesn’t know what kind of pirates would cause all of this destruction for droids. The Stormtrooper last seen firing to free S4X makes his way up to the PCs while they are deciding whether or not to go after Switch’s pit droid. He requests their help to track down the terrorist responsible for murdering his squad and he cannot reach command at the moment.

Since their ship is still out of commission the present heroes decide to help the Stormtrooper because he is heading in the same direction as the people that stole from Switch. The trooper now identified as TK-606, wastes little time in retrieving his transport. Once everyone is on board they head in the last known direction of the swoop gang. An easily identified wake is left from the group moving across the wastes of Formos. Six-Oh-Six follows this path and soon comes chases down two of the responsible terrorists still in transit. The group manages to use the forward mounted turrets to send one into a deadly tailspin. The other escapes into a narrow crag. TK-606 brings the transport to a stop at the head of the crag and tells the party they have to go on foot from there.

The area opens at the bottom into a large gorge with small plateaus and antiquated ship debris littering the area. TK-606 comments that this must be one of the sites of the Battle of Formos almost 30 years prior. As soon as the entire group moves into this gorge blaster fire erupts around them. Clearly an ambush has been set for the intruders. Enemies dot the tops of every elevated position in the area and rain constant fire on the party. TK-606 is quick to yell for everyone to take cover. Jowy races to the nearest cliff face and unstraps his climbing gear. He uses it to climb the sheer face and eliminate the man firing at them.

Seeing their chance, the PCs move further into the gorge and run into a few pirates on the ground as well as a mounted turret further away. This momentary distraction gives the sniper on the other side of the area a chance to plant a shot directly into S4X. S4X crumples against a wall and requests immediate assistance before it is taken offline. Zorba and Wahlly move towards the turret and utilize the same strategy as Jowy. Zorba boost Wahlly up to the position and he removes the pirate from the turret. Another blast rings out from across the gorge; the sniper is still very much alive and limiting movement.

TK-606 commands Wahlly to turn that turret on the cliff face and not the sniper. Wahlly does this and collapses the entire side of the cliff, bringing the sniper down with it in the process. Once the fire ceases, the party regroups and pushes further into the canyon. Around a bend, at the opening of a large cavern, there is a man standing ready. Once the man notices the party he sends out something a little more formidable than the pirates encountered earlier; A handful of Clone Wars era B2 Battle Droids. TK-606 now knows exactly who he is dealing with. It’s Sham Haren.


Six-Oh-Six tells the group before the ensuing battle that Sham is a known thief and hacker but until now he has only been a nuisance. The Imperial Army will be delighted to hear he has moved onto larger things and thus moved onto their radar. Six-Oh-Six retreats to try and reach command again. Meanwhile, Zorba moves to the front of a battered droid transport and attempts to gain entry. B2 droids are firing at him, forcing him to hurry or face certain doom. Success! Zorba manages to drop the hatch on the front of the ship. He is suddenly faced with a dire situation as multiple pairs of B1 series droids start pouring out of the transport. Zorba shifts as quickly as he can out of the area. Wahlly has moved to another position overlooking the southern portion of the canyon and readies a frag grenade to assist Zorba. The grenade lands directly in the center of a group of droids and destroys all five. Zorba seizes the opportunity to engage the remaining five as they move around the back of the vehicle he is taking cover behind.


Sham Haren retreats back into the cave, but not before issuing an unheard command to his droids. Almost instantly Clone Wars era battle droids start clawing their way out of the ground all over the canyon. Another trap!

With the party spread out all over the southern portion of the gorge, it seems like they are outnumbered. That is until blaster fire rings out from the North, announcing the timely arrival of Rage Cabaril. He immediately baits a group of droids to his position.

Jowy-Kam vaults on top of one of the Super Battle Droids and rips it apart with his bare hands.

Otzz and TK-606 take cover behind a junked landspeeder as they fire at another squad of droids.

Wahlly stays on top of his ridge and lays suppressing fire as needed.

Slowly the heroes gain the upper hand on the droids, oft referred to as “Butter Droids”. Their high fire power belays their inferior design. Rage fights through the group he was engaged with at the same time Zorba topples the last of his group with his Force Pike.

Smoke rises from the nearly thirty downed battle droids all over the area. The skirmish is over, but Sham is still in the area. TK-606 gives everyone a chance to catch their breath before he makes for the cave.

In a particularly bold attempt to gain the advantage, IG-S4X tries to hack the Multi Troop Transport and take control of the remaining droids. To the disbelief of the others he succeeds and now commands a group of five B1 droids. The droids fumble through the terrain and await command.


Their first action is to clear the refuse blocking the entrance to the cave. After this is done the party move deeper into the cave. The interior is littered with spare parts and containers. A generator stands by the entrance and a series of droids stand offline along the walls. Sham Haren is standing at a terminal located in front of a huge hole. The hole dominates the interior of the cave. “I have a bad feeling about this.” ”/characters/jowy" class=“wiki-content-link”>Jowy comments. Sham notices the group but continues his frantic manipulating of the terminal. Rage wastes no time in firing at Sham to end this once and for all. To his surprise, none of his bolts strike Sham. “A deflector shield. A powerful one at that.” claims Six-Oh-Six. Jowy knows that if he moves inside of the shield he can attack Sham directly. He does this but not before Sham activates the few droids he has left.

The droids engage in a firefight with S4X’s droids and each group proceeds to destroy…… the walls behind the other. No fire is connecting during this display of complete incompetence. Otzz adds to the mess when he slides between the fighting droids and misfires his weapon. This move nearly costs him his life as fire from S4X’s droids strike Otzz in the back.

Jowy bellows as he lays out Sham Heram with a powerful strike. Sham laughs painfully on the ground as he coughs up blood on himself. “I-I was supposed to rule. You’re too late.” As Sham finishes his sentence, rows of lights start to flick on along the sides of the hole and a metallic screech is heard at the bottom. Jowy wants no part of the unknown being and head towards the entrance with haste. TK-606 asks Zorba to try and overload the generator they passed on the way in to bring down the cave. Wahlly quietly slaps a pair of binders on the severely injured Sham. He means to move the man out of the cave and take him with them.

S4X remembers that they were in the area to find Switch’s pit droid and pushes further into the cave, alone. It moves into a room lined with terminals and finds the droid cowering in a corner. IG-S4X reassures the little droid and ushers it outside.

As he is doing so the members of the group remaining in the cavern see what was making all of the noise emerge from the hole. A 12 foot tall Scorpenek Annihilator Droid. It lets another metallic roar and moves for the group. They rush outside as Zorba’s mechanically overloaded generator explodes, caving in the entrance. TK-606 knows from the Imperial Academy that these droids were responsible for taking out scores of Republic armament by themselves during the Clone Wars. It needs to be dealt with immediately or the situation could get much worse. Zorba and Wahlly have made it their prerogative to hot wire a land speeder parked near the cave and hightail it out of the gorge. Their attempt proves fruitful and they speed away from a rain of boulders. The Annihilator has recovered and is heading straight for them.

The entire group is retreating until TK-606, successful in reaching command after the destruction of the cave, radios their situation. They are tasked with keeping the droid occupied until a Star Destroyer can jump to the system.

TK-606 relays this information and being a soldier expects complete affirmation. Instead he sees Zorba and Wahlly speeding away; IG-S4X running away with his remaining droids now carrying the pit droid; and Jowy-Kam nearly at the entrance of the gorge. Rage rises to the challenge and hops on one of the mounted turrets still standing in the area. Otzz follows suit and attempts to override the guns on the multi troop transport.

Rage opens fire on the Annihilator but is met with the same results as when he fired on Sham. It also has a personal deflector shield. TK-606 tells Wahlly to bring the speeder back and move him inside of the shield. Wahlly and Zorba assist, begrudgingly. They maneuver the landspeeder directly through the legs of the droid while Six-Oh-Six leaps onto its midsection. The droid is jostling him all over the place but he refuses to let go. Otzz successfully overrides the controls on the transport and fires at the droid to distract it. The plan works and the droids begins to move towards the vehicle.

TK-606 hoists himself onto the head of the Annihilator and fires point black into the red “eye” of the droid, blinding it. The droid flails frantically and sends him flying off into the side of a rock face. This move helps the team greatly, but does not end the battle. TK-606 knows that a shield covering something that size is normally in a fixed location and not on the unit itself. Six-Oh-Six comms the party and tells them to scout the area for anything that could be doing this. Otzz notices a satellite dish on top of a rock formation near the cave and radios Wahlly that it needs to be destroyed.

Wahlly and Zorba make their way to the formation and move towards the dish as Rage and Otzz attempt to further aggravate the Annihilator. Wahlly rigs the satellite dish to explode and races away from the blast with Zorba. In that instant Rage and Otzz lay heavy fire on the droid, eating away at its plating. The Annihilator moves towards Rage’s position, stepping on TK-606 in the process. The metal pierces directly through the trooper’s laminate armor and pins his leg to the ground under it.

Rage wryly admits that he needs some help and that’s all the concession Jowy-Kam needs to swoop in. He hopes to take back the enforcer moniker that Rage usurps every time he downs a group of enemies in one stroke. Jowy rushes at the Annihilator, pummeling it with his Wookiee rage. Attacking a creature of this size with his bare hands is sure to put Jowy over with group. If only the droid hadn’t immediately struck back, sending Jowy reeling. TK-606, nearly unconscious, tosses his data pad to Jowy. He yells at him to leave him and get out of the area, then use the pad to coordinate the orbital bombardment with the waiting Star Destroyer.

Jowy lets loose a few accepting grunts and turns to rally the rest of the group. Seeing Jowy’s somewhat self-centered approach to bravery, S4X tries his own approach and sends his droid minions to save TK-606 while he stays safely out of the way. They set down Switch’s pit droid and move towards the battle. Not knowing what else to do, they clamp his leg at the point of the piercing and forcibly remove him from the droid. The amputation is about as unclean as it gets, but they were under the gun. Wahlly and Zorba circle around one more time to pick up the injured trooper and scoot off towards Formos Spaceport as quickly as they can. Jowy, S4X, Otzz and Rage move into the Imperial Troop Transport. Jowy confirms the orbital bombardment of the area.

“Roger. Commencing Orbital Bombardment.”, returns a voice through the data pad.

Six-Oh-Six failed to mention that the Imperial Star Destroyers do not focus their fire on a small area and instead blanket an entire swath. They narrowly make it out of the fire zone and into open terrain. A look back sees the Annihilator being mercilessly destroyed by turbolaser fire.

Session 4.2

After the unique experience of faking their new companion’s death, S4X sets coordinates for Drualkiin. Their hope is to find the pirate Bana Vookto as well as the remains of a ship Switch told them about. Upon arriving over the predominately dessert world of Drualkiin, they find what appears to be a ship of Mon Calamari design. The ship has been blown in half and the immediate area is still rife with debris. Calamity-7 and The Myth King engage scanners to check the area. A sweep only shows debris.

Drualkiin debris field.

IG-S4X volunteers to check the destroyed ship for anything they can use because no one aboard either freighter has space faring equipment. AsS4X is being lowered to the dead ship, three more ships light up the sensors from the edge of the system. Their unexpected arrival grants them an opportunity to fire on Calamity-7. The Chance Lizard proceeds to engage Wahlly and Zorba aboard the Calamity-7 while the two fighters engage the Myth King. The firefight is above Drualkiin is a test of both ships capabilities. Calamity-7 is able to out maneuver the Chance Lizard on every occasion, but suffers brutal laser turret damage each time the ship gets close. At the same time, the Myth King is feeling the absence of its second gunner, Rage Cabaril, who took another bounty mission after Eriadu. The fighters are taking advantage of the lack of crew members by berating the hull with constant fire from all sides.

IG-S4X finds nothing of value on the first half of the ship and lines up a jump through open space to the next half of the ship.

S4X lines up a jump.

Just afterS4X lands on the back half of the ship, Wahlly flies through the debris field towards the Chance Lizard. He fires his forward mounted turrets and lands a glancing blow on Bana’s ship. In the rear of Calamity-7Zorba is busy angling the deflector shields to lessen the damage from any incoming laser fire.

S4X reaches a faintly blinking terminal and disassembles the power unit, successfully grabbing another component for their new scanner. It comms the Myth King to await pickup as it pokes around for Mon Cal goods to take toSissia and her homesick comrades.

The Myth King is able to destroy the second of the two fighters and turns to enter the fight with the Chance Lizard. Wahlly has gained the advantage on the freighter and made a daring maneuver to disable its top set of turrets. Zorba is able to jam its sensors, rendering it blind to Wahlly’s attempt. A successful volley disables the turret and evens the fight with this formidable foe. Now fighting a two on one battle, the Chance Lizard navigates towards the edge of Drualkiin space. Otzz navigates the weakened ships comm signatures and seizes a chance to disable the deflector shields completely. The defenseless Chance Lizard is almost near the edge of the system when it reactivates its top gun turret.

Wahlly puts everything into his engines to catch the ship and end the fight when a sudden barrage of fire from both turrets of the Chance Lizard completely disables his ship.

As Otzz comms the ship to ensure everyone’s safety the Chance Lizard jettisons both of its escape pods towards the planet. The Myth King turns on the ship andJowy expels everything he has into it. The Chance Lizard breaks up and explodes almost instantly. The battle is over, with a heavy cost. S4X is brought back on board the Myth King before both ships return to Formos.Wahlly’s ship has to be aided into the spaceport. It requires heavy repairs and will not be flyable for some time.

The Myth King also goes in for repairs, though they are told it should only be a matter of a few days for their repairs to be complete. The group goes to the cantina to turn in their bounty for Bana Vookto and figure out what to do from there….

EPISODE II: The Kessel Sector
Session 4.1

After receiving the coordinates to the rumored location of a lost spice shipment from Pash, the heroes waste no time in headed to the Kessel Sector. A few successful hyperspace jumps lands them in orbit around the planet Formos. A straightforward female voice interrupts the group’s collective credit-eating grin; ‘’1300, Krayt Fang, this is Communications Officer Dara. What is the nature of your visit’’

Otzz lies and tells her they are there to deliver parts and also uses the opportunity to refute the name of the ship. Officer Dara tells the crew if they wish to re-designate their ship and title that they must come to the Spaceport Control Office upon landing. She adds, ’’You’ve been cleared to land in Berth 3, Krayt Fang. Welcome to Formos.’’

The ship sweeps down through the atmosphere and across the rugged terrain of planet. Its destination, Formos Spaceport. The planet offers little in the way of aesthetics, so the space port garners a lot of off world attention.

When the crew of The Myth King disembarks from their ship, they head to the Spaceport Office to speak withComm Officer Dara. She is found pacing around a room filled with terminals and personnel. Her rushed pace betrays her tone. She is stopped byOtzz and spends the necessary amount of time at a console handling the title exchange. The group asks Officer Dara a few questions since they are unfamiliar with the system. She tells them that mostly cargo ships come through the space port, and that they do not pry too hard into the contents of a ships hold because smugglers have so many hiding spots for goods. She also makes it known that she hates pirates and appreciates any efforts to help eradicate them. After saying her piece, she tells them they’re better off going to the cantina if they need information.

Otzz,Jowy and S4X head towards a booming establishment that sticks out against the dank backdrop of Formos like a star in space. The Intrepid Cantina is a little slice of the Core on the inside. Neon lights, holo screens and loud music permeate the room. From the entrance the entire right side of the cantina is a bar area, while the left side contains a gambling area, lounge, and a publicly accessible Bounty Board. Otzz Kortu heads to the bar to speak with the bartender while S4X andJowy-Kam check out the bounty board.

Jowy signs off on the first bounty to come up on the board. The bounty is for a Duros namedBana Vookto.Vookto is wanted for pirating in the Drualkiin system.

Back at the bar Otzz Kortu is told that his best bet to find anything specific may be the Kessel Run, and that if they plan on flying through that they’ll need to upgrade their ship sensors.

Looking around the room, the reunited group see a Chadra-Fan at the bar that shows telltale signs of being a junker; a pair of Weequay at the far end of the room flanking their Hutt employer; a young Corellian human trying to gain the attention of a pair of Twi’lek women.

IG-S4X goes and talks to the Corellian at the Jubilee Wheel. He is clearly inebriated but is clear about one thing, he wants to fly. He introduces himself as Wahlly Revik.S4X asks if he wants to join the group to assist them on their mission. Wahlly accepts the offer and turns back to the Wheel.

Finished at the Bounty Board, Jowy-Kam makes his way to the Hutt in the corner of the room. He is stopped by the two Weequay before reaching the Hutt. The ask Jowy the name of his ship and if they have permission to inspect it. If he allows them to do this it and the ship passes inspection, then they could be contacted to move goods for the Baron of Formos at a later date. Jowy comms his group and is given the go ahead. He heads off with the Weequay to the dock, leaving the others behind with the Hutt. Zorba Desilijic introduces himself and tries to make a bargain with the group at large. If they are able to get him off the planet, he will help them fence the shipment they are looking for.

Zorba no longer wants to be a part of the murder and slaving that his clan is known for. He is delighted that they will help him get off planet, but tells them in order to get away from the clan permanently they must fake his death. The group agrees amongst themselves that this can be done no problem and make their way out of the cantina. Wahlly Revik andZorba Desilijic join the party.

Otzz leads the way from the cantina over to Zord’s Atmosphere Baths. IG-S4X takes up a position outside the bathhouse. They happen across a group of Mon Calamari in one room. They are the weapons systems of one of their cruisers. They detest the ship they came to the system on, citing its lack of a natural feel. Zorba sees his opportunity to strike up a conversation with the nearest one, Sissia Eenkar. Sissia loves talking gadgetry and is receptive to their need of an upgraded scanner. She offers to upgrade the ship’s scanners for 8000cR or 2000cR if they can bring her parts. List in hand, they leave the bathhouse and move out into the greater Formos Spaceport.

Remembering the Chadra-Fan, Otzz goes back to the cantina and procures some of the necessary parts from Switch. He asksSwitch if he knows where they might find any of the other parts. He tells them there is a derelict ship near Drualkiin that is still mostly intact for now. Switch warns that the work is dangerous but rewarding.

The PCs meet back at the dock of The Myth King to discuss the death of Zorba Desilijic. Zorba lets it be known that he must be onboard when the ship is destroyed because the Hutts have eyes everywhere. This complicates the plan, but does not make it impossible.
Three ships leave the spaceport, heading in different directions at staggered times. These ships, The Myth King, Calamity-7 and Spirit of Doop prepare for what is to come. Once clear of the planet’s gravity well Calamity-7 moves into firing range and lets loose a volley into the ship. As soon as this happens Zorba’s men begin evasive maneuvers to escape the system. Wahlly begins another firing run on Spirit of Doop. Onboard Spirit of Doop, Zorba makes his way to the engineering compartment to assist with the destruction his ship. Another round of turret fire strikes the ship from The Myth King. Thinking quickly, Zorba disables his Weequay bodyguard in the engineering compartment and disables his ship’s shields before moving towards his escape pod. On the way to the escape pod he accesses the ships scanners and removes one of the components necessary for the group to upgrade their own scanners.

With one final collaborative effort, Zorba moves to his escape pod and readies it; The Myth King moves into firing position; and Calamity-7 flies right up next to Spirit of Doop. In the same moment The Myth King fires, Zorba ejects his escape pod directly into the docking clamps of Calamity-7. The effort is successful and all parties escape the brief fireball of the ship exploding.

Transport 1138 cont.
Session 3.1

With Transport 1138 steadily moving towards its destination, S4X unlocks the terminal in the room it just cleared and pulls up a prisoner manifest. It reads off the list to the others as the check the holding cells.


NIKTO: Haradi: associate of Harson, moving large quantities of spice in the Eriadu system

HUMAN: Harson: Moving large quantities of spice in the Eriadu system

GAND: The bastard looked at me funny

WOOKIEE: Yuundar: Rousing support to end the occupation of Kashyyyk
TRANDOSHAN: Niss Pewdoc: Assassinated an Imperial Officer and engaged 5 other troopers unprovoked.

WEEQUAY: No names and they smell terrible. Call them #1 and #2, they won’t last long anyways

HUMAN: Marlem: Forged landing documentation

Otzz believes the best course of action is to stop the transport first and then worry about the prisoners. They move to the forward hold and succeed at unlocking the door, but trigger a motion sensor as soon as they step foot inside. The transport immediately beings to accelerate and two Stormtroopers make their way down a ladder from the upper level of the hold. A quick fight ensues and Otzz takes an almost deadly blast from a frag grenade. He uses a Stimpack to keep himself in the fight as they move up to the ladder. Rage Cabaril moves stealthily up the ladder to scope out the area before they move. The one Imperial at the top is frantically sending a communication for reinforcements. He is successful and word comes through that a Lambda Class Shuttle has departed from the prison to meet the transport.


Rage eliminates the engineer with little fuss and Otzz quickly moves to the console to deter any reinforcements. The Lambda pilot is not deterred by his efforts and continues onwards. With the knowledge of reinforcements on the forefront of their minds, the heroes redouble their efforts to stop the transport. They open the cockpit and forcibly confront the pilot. He engages Otzz but is gunned down by Rage. Otzz Kortu is none too pleased that Rage would fire on him while he was engaged with an enemy. Multiple attempts to slow the transport are unsuccessful. No one has the skills necessary to reconfigure the speed or destination. The heroes look around for other terminals of interest before leaving and find themselves at the rear of the hold. This portion of the front car contains a data terminal that S4X successfully opens and removes Imperial Troop Movement data, as well as schematics for Transport 1138. In a last ditch effort to slow the transport they shoot the couplings separating the front from the rest of the transport. It works and the front breaks away and leaves the rest of the transport to moving at a fraction of its top speed.

Back at the prisoner holding cells Otzz Kortu attempts to gain information from each of the human males, while Rage Cabaril and IG-S4X move to the rear of the transport where they initially came onboard. The prisoners discipline for simple interrogation techniques proves too much for Otzz’s tactics. Just as the Bothan is going to leaveHarson and Marlem to their fates the Lambda Shuttle from the prison arrives and strafes the transport. Laser fire from the shuttle tears through the hold, barely missing the Bothan. With power failing,Otzz tells both men that the Imperials clearly don’t care whether any of them live or die. Harson begins banging on his ray shielded cell and yelling that he already said he would give them all of the spice they wanted. As his fists land on the shields for a third time the power on his cell drops. Noticing this sudden change in circumstances, Harson begins a fistfight with Otzz Kortu in the room. The sound of cell power fading can then be heard coming from all over the car.

While Otzz is courting death in a car full of prisoners, the other two have reached the rear car and begun canvasing for ways off the transport. Rage hops into the same turret used against him just a little while ago and faces it to engage the shuttle. IG-S4X is successful in slowing down the transport by another 50%.

A scuffle moves all over the room housing Otzz, Marlem and Harson, while a rather loud one has begun between the Trandoshan and the Wookiee in an adjacent room.

Harson cries out for his associate Haradi who promptly moves into the doorway. As Haradi moves into the room he is met with a swift elbow to the face, delivered by Marlem. At that moment Otzz is able to disengage from Harson and plant a blaster shot into his shoulder, crumpling him to the floor. In the commotionMarlem made his way into the carbon scored and flickering lights of the hallway. Otzz follows Marlem and tackles him as the Trandoshan Niss Pewdoc flies from one end of the hall to the other.Yuundar emerges from whereNiss was and roars before engaging Niss again.

Rage Cabaril sees an opportunity to pour turret fire into the Lambda as it passes over his position to make a landing attempt. The fire hits the shuttle hard, causing one of the four trooper’s zip lining to the deck to be blasted off into the night. The remaining three reach their boots to the deck and move to engage the two PCs.

Meanwhile, Marlem, speaking frankly, tells Otzz he needs to get off the transport and has a ship large enough to take the heroes with him. At this time Marlem reveals ties he has to the Rebel Alliance. He comments that Otzz’s rough go of things reminds him of himself.Otzz knows he has no concrete means off Transport 1138 so he moves Marlem towards the nearest terminal. Marlem successfully reaches his ship to come to the party’s aid and is escorted to the back of the transport to meet the rest of the group. The Wookiee is now the only thing standing between them and their goal. It bellows loudly, but instead of attacking them it turns to attack the two Weequay moving towards it. Marlem makes a case for being unarmed in the chaos and is given a holdout blaster byOtzz. As they exit the car Marlem turns and fires a volley over Otzz’s shoulder, hitting Harson as he reemerges from the room and a staggering Niss Pewdoc.

With everyone reunited at the rear of the transport, the group plots its next move.Rage fires another round from the turret into the Lambda as its forward guns blast the turret apart. Rage moves into the cover of an alcove with the others in an attempt to catch his breath. Without even asking, Marlem unclips the blaster rifle off of Rage’s back and asks why the heck he isn’t using it. The Rodian says it hasn’t been calibrated to him, to which Marlem scoffs and moves towards the couplings on their portion of the transport. He jams the rifle down into the coupling, overriding it and powering it on. He then tosses the rifle back toRage just as the Lambda completely obliterates their hiding spot. With the heroes now fully exposed by the floodlights of the shuttle, they have no choice but to fight off the Imperial threat until help arrives.

Luckily help comes sooner rather than later in the form of a battered YT-1300. The YT spams fire at the Lambda Shuttle, drawing it away from the transport. As a dog fight occurs in the skies above the transport, the heroes engage a squad of Stormtroopers being led by their sergeant. The sergeant is forced to flee and chooses to retreat in one of the TIE/LN starfighters parked on deck. In the distance, the YT manages to destroy the shuttle and return to extend its landing ramp to the heroes on the cargo deck. Before Evacuating, Otzz,IG-S4X and Rage together hoist one of the crates of uncoded weapons they spotted on the deck earlier into the YT 1300.

While the trio is making their way onboard the Wookiee Yuundar comes bursting through the wreckage of the alcove, crying out to be let onboard. The PCs demand he help them with the second crate of weapons before they will grant him access to the ship. The Wookiee grunts an acknowledgement and moves for the second crate, lifting it easily over his shoulder. Niss Pewdoc comes running through the newly cleared wreckage at a dead sprint, bloodied but moving. Marlem shoots the Trandoshan one last time, dropping it to the deck. He casually comments how annoying Trandoshans are to kill.

With everyone safely onboard, Marlem moves into the cockpit and advises the best gunners to move towards the turrets because four TIEs are headed in their direction.Otzz and Rage move into the turrets while S4X heads for engineering.S4X is met by a male human that gives it a quizzical look as it offers to help in the upcoming battle.


Even though the TIEs out speed the YT, they are no match for its twin guns.IG-S4X is able to divert the shields properly to cope with rear fire. The firefight under the rising sun ends as quickly as it begins and the heroes with Marlem’s help are able to retreat from the scene of the Transport 1138.

Once back on the outskirts of Phelar Spaceport, the ship’s mechanic Mathus heads out into the crew area.

‘’What did you get yourself into this time Pash ?’’, he asks of his captain.

It is at time the man known to the players as Marlem sheds the name he was booked under. He states he’s fine and feeling lucky as ever, glazing over the complete random chance of the party encountering him.

Pash tells the party he made it to Eriadu from Sullust, just a short hyperspace leap away. He has been growing bored with his assignment at Keff Base and decided to pursue a spice shipment that is reported to be up for grabs at Grid T-10, Kessel Sector.

This is just the information the players needed to continue their quest. They ask if they can leave the crates on weapons onboard the ship while they head back to their HQ to rest andPash heads into town to speak with Oba about Norin. The Wookiee Yuundar offers his ongoing assistance to the players in the future before making his way back into the city.

A couple of days after arriving back at Phelar, the players are interrupted in their homestead by the Black Suns agent that stopped them before they intercepted Prisoner Transport 1138. They show the Weequay to the crates of weapons and are paid 150cR per blaster rifle, just as he promised. They split the credits and meet Pash back outside of the ship.

Pash informs them that his Commander is not going to be very happy with him when he returns to Keff Base. Pash makes mention of not wanting to return to Sullust in the YT, Krayt Fang. He opts to stick with the E-Wing the Rebellion granted him after seeing his piloting firsthand. Pash tellsOtzz Kortu,IG-S4X and Rage Cabaril that they remind him of why he turned to the skies in the first place. He would be honored if they would accept his ship while he goes to fight for freedom in the galaxy. On behalf of the party, Otzz shakes his hand and the party takes their first steps onto their new ship, The Myth King.

Transport 1138
Session 2.2

Although the heroes were unable to break into the secure section of the Detention Center, they gained information on a transport heading into the city later in the day. Oba says this is better for them because if they can access the transport outside of the city, then there is less of a chance reinforcements will be able to reach the Imperials should anything go wrong. He offers the trio some Speeder Bikes in his possession that should get them to the transport while keeping them off Imperial radar.

Otzz Kortu, IG-S4X, and Rage make their way to a rundown sector of Phelar for the bikes. As they are tinkering with their speeder bikes, a slender, shadowy figure makes his way up to the trio and wastes no time with formalities. “The Black Sun knows what you intend to do”, he says. “The Black Sun requests you bring back any weapons found on the transport. The weapons are not to be calibrated, so trooper weapons are no good.” Otzz pipes up and asks what happens if they don’t do it. “Then we kill you,” the Weequay says. “The choice is easy, and you will be compensated fairly for the weapons.” He goes on to tell them they will receive 150cR for every un-calibrated, military grade weapon they find. The Weequay then leaves the heroes to mull over their options. They are upset that yet another thing has been tossed onto their plate, but Rage knows that what the Black Sun wants the Black Sun gets.

Bikes optimized, gear secure, the heroes wait on the edge of the city for Transport 1138 to appear. The transport comes into the Detention Center and loads up. Any detainees being boarded are obscured by the position of the transport. As the transport pulls away from the center the heroes start their bikes and follow suit.

Racing behind Transport 1138, the group makes sure to stay out of the lights dotting the landscape. As the transport heads into a canyon, they move up and incline to get a better view of their access point. Rage, determines it is safer to continue following the transport because the height from the top of the canyon is too great for one to leap from.

With Rage in the lead, they make their way right up behind the transport and move into a boarding position. In one simple move, Rage and Otzz dismount their bikes and plant their feet on the back of the train. IG-S4X takes its time sliding up to the rear of the train, and only with its companions help is it able to climb aboard before the train heads into a tunnel.

An engineer makes his way back to the section they are in to check on the engines and is laid out by Rage before he can blink. The PCs decide to position themselves along each of the doors leading onto the cargo area of the transport. A couple of Stormtroopers and one security droid patrol this deck. Otzz Kortu moves carefully in behind a stack of munitions and fires at one of the troopers in unison with Rage. Seeing the flashes of red in along the walls of the tunnel, the remaining trooper heads in the direction of his partner while the security droid makes its way to a sentry turret in the middle of the deck.

Otzz takes a volley of blaster fire from the remaining trooper as he rushes to the opposite end of the car. He fires at the droid in the turret and disables it in such a way that it swings the turret around, knocking the sole trooper clear off of the transport.

With the skirmish at an end, the trio scouts the deck for anything useful. They come upon two identical crates, the contents of which contain 5 blaster rifles and 2 heavy blaster pistols each. Just what they needed, they thought.Rage, eyes growing wide, attempts to activate one of the blaster rifles, but to no avail. He settles for carrying it on his back, but is not happy.

Just as the transport emerges from the tunnel, Otzz sees his chance to climb on top of the transport and move along the roof. IG-S4X and Rage remain below and move through the interior.Otzz spots another security droid and fires at it. The droid loses an arm but returns fire immediately. Below, Rage sees a trooper alone and moves to attack. S4X fires at the trooper before Rage makes contact, but misses.Rage is able to attack the trooper but does not dispatch him. The Stormtrooper in turn attacks with his vibro-knife but Rage dodges, moves away and puts the final shots into the troopers chest.

They look for anything of interest and move on, because they know they are losing time by idling. Otzz continues on the roof, while S4X and Rage move below. In the next hold, an over eagerRage bludgeons an engineer with his rifle but fails to catch the falling body. This alerts the 2 troopers in the hall of the hold to their presence. A brief but intense firefight ensues, with 2 more troopers spilling out of a leisure room and into the corridor. S4X, seeing as its technical skill outweighs its blaster skill, hacks the nearby terminal. The terminal unlocks, giving it access to door controls and turret controls for the turret on the roof. Meanwhile, Otzz climbs down into the hold and assists with the fight. As a last ditch effort IG-S4X uses the turret to destroy the two droids on the roof, and slams a sliding door down onto the last troopers head.

An accomplished S4X proceeds down the corridor and heads directly for the main room of the car. It slides into the open doorway only to have a blaster pointed directly at it by an Imperial officer. Without missing a beat it continues sliding past the doorway and into cover on the wall outside. It then fires a couple of rounds from cover, clearing the room.

The group, finding they are in the prisoner transport car, go into each of the rooms to locate the human male Norin spoke of.


Extra Firepower
Session 2.1

With Norin Norudi safely back at The Hairy Bothan, Oba sends the PCs out while he tends to some business. They return some hours later after being commed that his business with Norin has concluded.

After being ushered into his office by the Gand security guard, the party take their seats and listen to what Oba has to say. He starts by giving each PC their share of the bounty on Norin’s head. They notice he is no longer in the vicinity, but ask no questions. Jowy-Kam, credits in hand, exits the office in a hurry to pay off his own debts.

Oba continues, “Gentlemen, thank you for bringing me the kid. And you only crashed one vehicle this time.” He tells Otzz Kortu and IG-S4X that Norin told him he was being sought after to supply the whereabouts of a spice shipment; A shipment that if recovered, could set a man for life. Oba knows if he can obtain such a shipment he will have a lot more power in the Outer Rim.

He tells the PCs simply, if it’s out there, he wants that shipment.

Norin knows there is a man on planet that has the coordinates, but last he knew he was taken into custody by the Empire. Oba lets on that it is in their best interests to retrieve those coordinates. Otzz and S4X accept this small mission on one condition; that Oba must give the group a large portion of the profit from the shipment.Oba agrees to 30% and sends them on their way.

As the heroes are making their way away from The Hairy Bothan ObaOba comms them to let them know another bounty hunter will be meeting with them on his order. He felt they could use the extra firepower if they were to encounter more Imperials. As if from nowhere, a sure-footed adult Rodian makes his way up to Otzz from across the lane. This Rodian, one head taller than Otzz, identifies himself as Rage. He makes it clear he’s only there for the credits and a chance to get his hands on more destructive weaponry.

WithRage in tow, the group realizes they have no clue where to find this one man in an entire city. They head to the closest information terminal and try to glean anything useful from the interface. Access to Imperial information is locked on public terminals, so S4X gets roped into hacking the terminal. It successfully opens the terminal and locates an Imperial Detention Center at the southeast quadrant of Phelar. This is all of the information that the terminal holds. The heroes shrug, check their weapons, adjust their utility belts, and head towards the Detention Center.

Very late into the night, around 3 a.m. local time, they come upon the Imperial Detention Center. Rage determines his easiest point of entry is a door between the main building and one of the sub buildings. He gets IG-S4X, who narrowly misses being seen by one of the Security Droids circling the perimeter, and has it hack the door to gain entry to the compound. Once inside, they survey their surroundings and find the building empty except for one Imperial officer and a Stormtrooper reading over messages on a terminal.

Rage, seeing an easy opportunity, easily dispatches of the officer and turns to attack the Stormtrooper. Meanwhile Otzz rushes into the room to attack the trooper before he can run for help. The trooper, being ever vigilant, bends and uses Otzz’s momentum to fling him over his shoulder and onto the terminal. The terminal sparks and shuts every door into the building. Rage and Otzz team up to take down the trooper asS4X heads to another terminal for information on the man they were sent to find. They quickly discover all detainees are to be placed onto Prisoner Transport 1138 and taken out of Phelar to a long term Imperial Prison. With the sun coming up they rush out of the Detention Center and back into the safety of the city.

"Another bounty?"
Session 1.2

The job passed to the PCs from Oba was issued by the local Imperial Governor. The Governor has taken to handing off any assignments he considers low priority to bounty hunters. The job is simple; collar a local kid, Norin Norudi, for conspiracy against the Empire. Oba insists that they perform this job quietly, without their usual dramatic flair.

With their third bounty in a row fresh on their minds, the PCs headed to the nearby equipment emporium to purchase any hard goods they felt necessary. Their shop is a shop called Jon’s, after the Toydarian shopkeeper. It contains just what they can afford, but not what they really want. Jowy-Kan heads straight to the weapon wall upon entering, growling every so often at the fact Jon has no vibro weapons. Otzz goes to the counter to talk with Jon about any new small arms, only to settle for a Light Blaster Pistol. IG-S4X spends its time rummaging through the spare parts bin, occasionally spinning the top half of its body in excitement over battle damaged armor plates and out of commission blaster parts.

After grabbing their share of Stimpacks, backpacks, belts, weapons, and Jowy’s impulse climbing equipment, the PCs head off into the Phelar night to find Norin.

The last known location of Norin on the holo pad given to the heroes highlights the residential district near the spaceport. They waste little time getting there and began canvasing the street for Norin. After their basic search turned up nothing, they decide to show Norin’s image to some random passerby. Upon showing it to an old woman making her way down the street, she acknowledges the person on the holo and points them towards a nearby building. The woman then fearfully scuttled off. Jowy decides to stay down on the street as Otzz and IG-S4X make their way into the building. The interior of the apartment building is hard to navigate, due to the lighting being dim and broken in places along the rim of the walls. They make their way to the floor indicated on the wall of the entrance and decide to knock on some doors. This plan proves nearly fatal as the inhabitant of the first apartment Otzz knocks on proceeds to fire a few blaster rounds straight through the door.

IG-S4X’s attempts prove more fruitful as he locates the slightly open door to the residence of Norin Norudi. Upon entering the apartment they notice it has been abandoned very recently. The holo terminal is still active and paperwork is strewn across the floor. While the two search the apartment for clues to Norin’s whereabouts they are notified by Jowy that a small group of Imperials is making its way up the street. Acting quickly, they check the paperwork and find a receipt for the Phelar Spaceport Dock 4 set to depart two hours from the current time.

As the duo are leaving the apartment they hear Stormtrooper comms in the hallway, so they close and lock Norin’s door, then proceed down the fire escape. Once down, they race over to the Phelar Spaceport, since it is only a short distance away, and also because their pockets are a little thin from their shopping spree.

Otzz in the lead, the PCs head into the spaceport and spread out to try and locate Norin. The spaceport has noticeably increased its Imperial activity since they were there earlier. Remembering what Oba said about keeping a low profile, the team decides to split up, with Jowy-Kan heading to Dock 4, IG-S4X shimmying and gyrating its way towards Dock 12, and Otzz brazenly asking an Imperial Stormtrooper why they’ve all of a sudden increased their numbers at the spaceport.

The trooper tells the Bothan to be on his way, whenOtzz asks if they were perhaps looking for someone. The trooper turns toward the hero and pushes him back into the flow of people. Otzz notices the trooper following him from a distance as he makes his way through the open space.

Around towards Dock 8 he locates Norin at a merchant stand and goes to speak with him. Norin is noticeably alarmed that someone identified him and wants nothing to do with the Bothan. He starts making his way towards Dock 4 with noticeable haste. Not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to its companion, IG-S4X decides to head into a nearby corridor, meters away from a perfectly usable fire alarm system, and fire a few blaster rounds into the air to gain their attention.

S4X succeeds in drawing four troopers to its location, but fails in making a stealthy exit. Now it has four troopers chasing it as it pop locks its way through the crowd and towards the pedestrian paths outside. Meanwhile, Otzz has been following Norin to the entrance of Dock 4, where Jowy quickly grabs the young human and whisks him behind a ball. This move goes surprisingly unseen for a Wookiee of Jowy’s size. Otzz is about to pat himself on the back for a job well done when he is shoved by a feisty Norin right into the Stormtrooper that has been following him. The trooper demands Otzz stop, but Otzz and Jowy-Kan, with Norin in tow, run outside to find anything they can use to escape.

S4X is outside at this point, moving around the exterior of the space port towards Dock 4, dodging fire as it waits to be rescued.

Jowy, not wanting to deal with a struggling Norin, knocks him unconscious with the bludgeon he purchased fromJon.

Otzz is able to locate a simple speeder and override the controls to make off with it. Otzz, Jowy, and the comatose Norin then flew along the outside of the space port to find S4X. They manage to locate the droid near Dock 12, flailing its arms at the sight of the four troopers in a semi-circle around it. Just as they are about to fire, Otzz has his customary flash of piloting brilliance. He decides to swing around low to sideswipe all four troopers with the speeder. He fails to do so, and simply crashes the speeder onto the permacrete in front of them, toppling it to one side.

In the midst of the confusion, the group reassembles themselves inside the speeder while dodging blaster fire. Otzz is able to restart the speeder and continue their escape. After trying for a second time to sideswipe a cluster of troopers and permanently damaging the repulsors of the speeder in the process, Otzz pilots the speeder into the Phelar residential district. He successfully evades a small Imperial patrol vehicle and the group makes their way back to The Hairy Bothan with Norin Norudi.

EPISODE I: Home Sweet Home
Session 1.1

The action begins as the PCs arrive back on the planet Eriadu. The party, consisting of Bothan Otzz Kortu, Wookiee Jowy-Kam, and IG Droid designation S4X, have just arrived in the spaceport city of Phelar. Their latest job was yet another “carefully planned” disaster as per usual and left them without a ship or equipment.

After heading to their HQ, they receive a new message from their employer Oba.

The group heads to The Hairy Bothan Cantina in the commercial district of Phelar to meet with Oba about their latest mission. After being allowed past Oba’s sole Gand security guard, they encounter another bounty hunter just leaving. The individual called Brody shoves his way past the PCs and leaves without uttering a word. Oba is not in the least surprised that the PCs have returned with the job complete, but with little more than the shirts on their backs still intact. After confirming the bounty, Oba issues the PCs their customary 1500cR for low profile work, plus a few additional credits to rearm themselves.

After receiving their paltry sum, Otzz, annoyed with the fact that Brody keeps getting higher profile jobs, demands Oba start giving the group a larger piece of the pie. Upon finishing his tired diatribe to their long-time employer, Otzz and company are given an opportunity to show their merit. Oba can scoff at the way they achieve their goals all he wants, but he can’t deny that they produce results. Now if they could only keep a ship intact.


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