New Horizons

Extra Firepower

Session 2.1

With Norin Norudi safely back at The Hairy Bothan, Oba sends the PCs out while he tends to some business. They return some hours later after being commed that his business with Norin has concluded.

After being ushered into his office by the Gand security guard, the party take their seats and listen to what Oba has to say. He starts by giving each PC their share of the bounty on Norin’s head. They notice he is no longer in the vicinity, but ask no questions. Jowy-Kam, credits in hand, exits the office in a hurry to pay off his own debts.

Oba continues, “Gentlemen, thank you for bringing me the kid. And you only crashed one vehicle this time.” He tells Otzz Kortu and IG-S4X that Norin told him he was being sought after to supply the whereabouts of a spice shipment; A shipment that if recovered, could set a man for life. Oba knows if he can obtain such a shipment he will have a lot more power in the Outer Rim.

He tells the PCs simply, if it’s out there, he wants that shipment.

Norin knows there is a man on planet that has the coordinates, but last he knew he was taken into custody by the Empire. Oba lets on that it is in their best interests to retrieve those coordinates. Otzz and S4X accept this small mission on one condition; that Oba must give the group a large portion of the profit from the shipment.Oba agrees to 30% and sends them on their way.

As the heroes are making their way away from The Hairy Bothan ObaOba comms them to let them know another bounty hunter will be meeting with them on his order. He felt they could use the extra firepower if they were to encounter more Imperials. As if from nowhere, a sure-footed adult Rodian makes his way up to Otzz from across the lane. This Rodian, one head taller than Otzz, identifies himself as Rage. He makes it clear he’s only there for the credits and a chance to get his hands on more destructive weaponry.

WithRage in tow, the group realizes they have no clue where to find this one man in an entire city. They head to the closest information terminal and try to glean anything useful from the interface. Access to Imperial information is locked on public terminals, so S4X gets roped into hacking the terminal. It successfully opens the terminal and locates an Imperial Detention Center at the southeast quadrant of Phelar. This is all of the information that the terminal holds. The heroes shrug, check their weapons, adjust their utility belts, and head towards the Detention Center.

Very late into the night, around 3 a.m. local time, they come upon the Imperial Detention Center. Rage determines his easiest point of entry is a door between the main building and one of the sub buildings. He gets IG-S4X, who narrowly misses being seen by one of the Security Droids circling the perimeter, and has it hack the door to gain entry to the compound. Once inside, they survey their surroundings and find the building empty except for one Imperial officer and a Stormtrooper reading over messages on a terminal.

Rage, seeing an easy opportunity, easily dispatches of the officer and turns to attack the Stormtrooper. Meanwhile Otzz rushes into the room to attack the trooper before he can run for help. The trooper, being ever vigilant, bends and uses Otzz’s momentum to fling him over his shoulder and onto the terminal. The terminal sparks and shuts every door into the building. Rage and Otzz team up to take down the trooper asS4X heads to another terminal for information on the man they were sent to find. They quickly discover all detainees are to be placed onto Prisoner Transport 1138 and taken out of Phelar to a long term Imperial Prison. With the sun coming up they rush out of the Detention Center and back into the safety of the city.



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