New Horizons

Transport 1138

Session 2.2

Although the heroes were unable to break into the secure section of the Detention Center, they gained information on a transport heading into the city later in the day. Oba says this is better for them because if they can access the transport outside of the city, then there is less of a chance reinforcements will be able to reach the Imperials should anything go wrong. He offers the trio some Speeder Bikes in his possession that should get them to the transport while keeping them off Imperial radar.

Otzz Kortu, IG-S4X, and Rage make their way to a rundown sector of Phelar for the bikes. As they are tinkering with their speeder bikes, a slender, shadowy figure makes his way up to the trio and wastes no time with formalities. “The Black Sun knows what you intend to do”, he says. “The Black Sun requests you bring back any weapons found on the transport. The weapons are not to be calibrated, so trooper weapons are no good.” Otzz pipes up and asks what happens if they don’t do it. “Then we kill you,” the Weequay says. “The choice is easy, and you will be compensated fairly for the weapons.” He goes on to tell them they will receive 150cR for every un-calibrated, military grade weapon they find. The Weequay then leaves the heroes to mull over their options. They are upset that yet another thing has been tossed onto their plate, but Rage knows that what the Black Sun wants the Black Sun gets.

Bikes optimized, gear secure, the heroes wait on the edge of the city for Transport 1138 to appear. The transport comes into the Detention Center and loads up. Any detainees being boarded are obscured by the position of the transport. As the transport pulls away from the center the heroes start their bikes and follow suit.

Racing behind Transport 1138, the group makes sure to stay out of the lights dotting the landscape. As the transport heads into a canyon, they move up and incline to get a better view of their access point. Rage, determines it is safer to continue following the transport because the height from the top of the canyon is too great for one to leap from.

With Rage in the lead, they make their way right up behind the transport and move into a boarding position. In one simple move, Rage and Otzz dismount their bikes and plant their feet on the back of the train. IG-S4X takes its time sliding up to the rear of the train, and only with its companions help is it able to climb aboard before the train heads into a tunnel.

An engineer makes his way back to the section they are in to check on the engines and is laid out by Rage before he can blink. The PCs decide to position themselves along each of the doors leading onto the cargo area of the transport. A couple of Stormtroopers and one security droid patrol this deck. Otzz Kortu moves carefully in behind a stack of munitions and fires at one of the troopers in unison with Rage. Seeing the flashes of red in along the walls of the tunnel, the remaining trooper heads in the direction of his partner while the security droid makes its way to a sentry turret in the middle of the deck.

Otzz takes a volley of blaster fire from the remaining trooper as he rushes to the opposite end of the car. He fires at the droid in the turret and disables it in such a way that it swings the turret around, knocking the sole trooper clear off of the transport.

With the skirmish at an end, the trio scouts the deck for anything useful. They come upon two identical crates, the contents of which contain 5 blaster rifles and 2 heavy blaster pistols each. Just what they needed, they thought.Rage, eyes growing wide, attempts to activate one of the blaster rifles, but to no avail. He settles for carrying it on his back, but is not happy.

Just as the transport emerges from the tunnel, Otzz sees his chance to climb on top of the transport and move along the roof. IG-S4X and Rage remain below and move through the interior.Otzz spots another security droid and fires at it. The droid loses an arm but returns fire immediately. Below, Rage sees a trooper alone and moves to attack. S4X fires at the trooper before Rage makes contact, but misses.Rage is able to attack the trooper but does not dispatch him. The Stormtrooper in turn attacks with his vibro-knife but Rage dodges, moves away and puts the final shots into the troopers chest.

They look for anything of interest and move on, because they know they are losing time by idling. Otzz continues on the roof, while S4X and Rage move below. In the next hold, an over eagerRage bludgeons an engineer with his rifle but fails to catch the falling body. This alerts the 2 troopers in the hall of the hold to their presence. A brief but intense firefight ensues, with 2 more troopers spilling out of a leisure room and into the corridor. S4X, seeing as its technical skill outweighs its blaster skill, hacks the nearby terminal. The terminal unlocks, giving it access to door controls and turret controls for the turret on the roof. Meanwhile, Otzz climbs down into the hold and assists with the fight. As a last ditch effort IG-S4X uses the turret to destroy the two droids on the roof, and slams a sliding door down onto the last troopers head.

An accomplished S4X proceeds down the corridor and heads directly for the main room of the car. It slides into the open doorway only to have a blaster pointed directly at it by an Imperial officer. Without missing a beat it continues sliding past the doorway and into cover on the wall outside. It then fires a couple of rounds from cover, clearing the room.

The group, finding they are in the prisoner transport car, go into each of the rooms to locate the human male Norin spoke of.




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