New Horizons

Transport 1138 cont.

Session 3.1

With Transport 1138 steadily moving towards its destination, S4X unlocks the terminal in the room it just cleared and pulls up a prisoner manifest. It reads off the list to the others as the check the holding cells.


NIKTO: Haradi: associate of Harson, moving large quantities of spice in the Eriadu system

HUMAN: Harson: Moving large quantities of spice in the Eriadu system

GAND: The bastard looked at me funny

WOOKIEE: Yuundar: Rousing support to end the occupation of Kashyyyk
TRANDOSHAN: Niss Pewdoc: Assassinated an Imperial Officer and engaged 5 other troopers unprovoked.

WEEQUAY: No names and they smell terrible. Call them #1 and #2, they won’t last long anyways

HUMAN: Marlem: Forged landing documentation

Otzz believes the best course of action is to stop the transport first and then worry about the prisoners. They move to the forward hold and succeed at unlocking the door, but trigger a motion sensor as soon as they step foot inside. The transport immediately beings to accelerate and two Stormtroopers make their way down a ladder from the upper level of the hold. A quick fight ensues and Otzz takes an almost deadly blast from a frag grenade. He uses a Stimpack to keep himself in the fight as they move up to the ladder. Rage Cabaril moves stealthily up the ladder to scope out the area before they move. The one Imperial at the top is frantically sending a communication for reinforcements. He is successful and word comes through that a Lambda Class Shuttle has departed from the prison to meet the transport.


Rage eliminates the engineer with little fuss and Otzz quickly moves to the console to deter any reinforcements. The Lambda pilot is not deterred by his efforts and continues onwards. With the knowledge of reinforcements on the forefront of their minds, the heroes redouble their efforts to stop the transport. They open the cockpit and forcibly confront the pilot. He engages Otzz but is gunned down by Rage. Otzz Kortu is none too pleased that Rage would fire on him while he was engaged with an enemy. Multiple attempts to slow the transport are unsuccessful. No one has the skills necessary to reconfigure the speed or destination. The heroes look around for other terminals of interest before leaving and find themselves at the rear of the hold. This portion of the front car contains a data terminal that S4X successfully opens and removes Imperial Troop Movement data, as well as schematics for Transport 1138. In a last ditch effort to slow the transport they shoot the couplings separating the front from the rest of the transport. It works and the front breaks away and leaves the rest of the transport to moving at a fraction of its top speed.

Back at the prisoner holding cells Otzz Kortu attempts to gain information from each of the human males, while Rage Cabaril and IG-S4X move to the rear of the transport where they initially came onboard. The prisoners discipline for simple interrogation techniques proves too much for Otzz’s tactics. Just as the Bothan is going to leaveHarson and Marlem to their fates the Lambda Shuttle from the prison arrives and strafes the transport. Laser fire from the shuttle tears through the hold, barely missing the Bothan. With power failing,Otzz tells both men that the Imperials clearly don’t care whether any of them live or die. Harson begins banging on his ray shielded cell and yelling that he already said he would give them all of the spice they wanted. As his fists land on the shields for a third time the power on his cell drops. Noticing this sudden change in circumstances, Harson begins a fistfight with Otzz Kortu in the room. The sound of cell power fading can then be heard coming from all over the car.

While Otzz is courting death in a car full of prisoners, the other two have reached the rear car and begun canvasing for ways off the transport. Rage hops into the same turret used against him just a little while ago and faces it to engage the shuttle. IG-S4X is successful in slowing down the transport by another 50%.

A scuffle moves all over the room housing Otzz, Marlem and Harson, while a rather loud one has begun between the Trandoshan and the Wookiee in an adjacent room.

Harson cries out for his associate Haradi who promptly moves into the doorway. As Haradi moves into the room he is met with a swift elbow to the face, delivered by Marlem. At that moment Otzz is able to disengage from Harson and plant a blaster shot into his shoulder, crumpling him to the floor. In the commotionMarlem made his way into the carbon scored and flickering lights of the hallway. Otzz follows Marlem and tackles him as the Trandoshan Niss Pewdoc flies from one end of the hall to the other.Yuundar emerges from whereNiss was and roars before engaging Niss again.

Rage Cabaril sees an opportunity to pour turret fire into the Lambda as it passes over his position to make a landing attempt. The fire hits the shuttle hard, causing one of the four trooper’s zip lining to the deck to be blasted off into the night. The remaining three reach their boots to the deck and move to engage the two PCs.

Meanwhile, Marlem, speaking frankly, tells Otzz he needs to get off the transport and has a ship large enough to take the heroes with him. At this time Marlem reveals ties he has to the Rebel Alliance. He comments that Otzz’s rough go of things reminds him of himself.Otzz knows he has no concrete means off Transport 1138 so he moves Marlem towards the nearest terminal. Marlem successfully reaches his ship to come to the party’s aid and is escorted to the back of the transport to meet the rest of the group. The Wookiee is now the only thing standing between them and their goal. It bellows loudly, but instead of attacking them it turns to attack the two Weequay moving towards it. Marlem makes a case for being unarmed in the chaos and is given a holdout blaster byOtzz. As they exit the car Marlem turns and fires a volley over Otzz’s shoulder, hitting Harson as he reemerges from the room and a staggering Niss Pewdoc.

With everyone reunited at the rear of the transport, the group plots its next move.Rage fires another round from the turret into the Lambda as its forward guns blast the turret apart. Rage moves into the cover of an alcove with the others in an attempt to catch his breath. Without even asking, Marlem unclips the blaster rifle off of Rage’s back and asks why the heck he isn’t using it. The Rodian says it hasn’t been calibrated to him, to which Marlem scoffs and moves towards the couplings on their portion of the transport. He jams the rifle down into the coupling, overriding it and powering it on. He then tosses the rifle back toRage just as the Lambda completely obliterates their hiding spot. With the heroes now fully exposed by the floodlights of the shuttle, they have no choice but to fight off the Imperial threat until help arrives.

Luckily help comes sooner rather than later in the form of a battered YT-1300. The YT spams fire at the Lambda Shuttle, drawing it away from the transport. As a dog fight occurs in the skies above the transport, the heroes engage a squad of Stormtroopers being led by their sergeant. The sergeant is forced to flee and chooses to retreat in one of the TIE/LN starfighters parked on deck. In the distance, the YT manages to destroy the shuttle and return to extend its landing ramp to the heroes on the cargo deck. Before Evacuating, Otzz,IG-S4X and Rage together hoist one of the crates of uncoded weapons they spotted on the deck earlier into the YT 1300.

While the trio is making their way onboard the Wookiee Yuundar comes bursting through the wreckage of the alcove, crying out to be let onboard. The PCs demand he help them with the second crate of weapons before they will grant him access to the ship. The Wookiee grunts an acknowledgement and moves for the second crate, lifting it easily over his shoulder. Niss Pewdoc comes running through the newly cleared wreckage at a dead sprint, bloodied but moving. Marlem shoots the Trandoshan one last time, dropping it to the deck. He casually comments how annoying Trandoshans are to kill.

With everyone safely onboard, Marlem moves into the cockpit and advises the best gunners to move towards the turrets because four TIEs are headed in their direction.Otzz and Rage move into the turrets while S4X heads for engineering.S4X is met by a male human that gives it a quizzical look as it offers to help in the upcoming battle.


Even though the TIEs out speed the YT, they are no match for its twin guns.IG-S4X is able to divert the shields properly to cope with rear fire. The firefight under the rising sun ends as quickly as it begins and the heroes with Marlem’s help are able to retreat from the scene of the Transport 1138.

Once back on the outskirts of Phelar Spaceport, the ship’s mechanic Mathus heads out into the crew area.

‘’What did you get yourself into this time Pash ?’’, he asks of his captain.

It is at time the man known to the players as Marlem sheds the name he was booked under. He states he’s fine and feeling lucky as ever, glazing over the complete random chance of the party encountering him.

Pash tells the party he made it to Eriadu from Sullust, just a short hyperspace leap away. He has been growing bored with his assignment at Keff Base and decided to pursue a spice shipment that is reported to be up for grabs at Grid T-10, Kessel Sector.

This is just the information the players needed to continue their quest. They ask if they can leave the crates on weapons onboard the ship while they head back to their HQ to rest andPash heads into town to speak with Oba about Norin. The Wookiee Yuundar offers his ongoing assistance to the players in the future before making his way back into the city.

A couple of days after arriving back at Phelar, the players are interrupted in their homestead by the Black Suns agent that stopped them before they intercepted Prisoner Transport 1138. They show the Weequay to the crates of weapons and are paid 150cR per blaster rifle, just as he promised. They split the credits and meet Pash back outside of the ship.

Pash informs them that his Commander is not going to be very happy with him when he returns to Keff Base. Pash makes mention of not wanting to return to Sullust in the YT, Krayt Fang. He opts to stick with the E-Wing the Rebellion granted him after seeing his piloting firsthand. Pash tellsOtzz Kortu,IG-S4X and Rage Cabaril that they remind him of why he turned to the skies in the first place. He would be honored if they would accept his ship while he goes to fight for freedom in the galaxy. On behalf of the party, Otzz shakes his hand and the party takes their first steps onto their new ship, The Myth King.



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