Rage Cabaril

"Guns? I'm in."


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Strain 12
Wound 13
Soak 5


Dodge: When targeted by a combat check the character may choose to immediately perform a Dodge incidental to suffer a number of strain, then upgrade the difficulty of the combat check by that number> The number of strain suffered cannot exceed his ranks in Dodge.

Quick Draw: Once per round draw or holster an easily reachable weapon as an incidental instead of a Maneuver.

Expert Tracker: Receive Steback Dice per rank of Expert Tracker from checks to find or follow tracks. Survival checks made to track targets take 50% less time than normal. This does not decrease with additional ranks of Expert Tracker.


CAREER Bounty Hunter
OBLIGATION Debt – 20,000cR

Rage is a Rodian bounty hunter employed by Oba. He is known to be a fan of large weapons, sometimes blindly running into danger if it means securing one. One thing that is for sure, if he gets his hands on one, then you better hope you aren’t on the receiving end.

Rage is introduced to the group by Oba when the latter requests his talents be used for a mission involving direct contact with Imperial Stormtroopers.

Rage Cabaril

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