Sissia Eenkar

Member of a Mon Calamari expedition


Sissia Eenkar is a Mon Calamari Tech Specialist and member of an expeditionary force in the Formos system. Sissia is fond of gadgetry and how things work, which makes her a go to for mechanical questions. Her function on her team is mostly ship maintenance and she performs her duties well.

The other four Mon Calamari making up her team are a pilot, co-pilot, explorer and planetary scholar. They are currently on Formos getting ready to go study the black holes in the heart of the Kessel Run.

When approached they are overheard discussing the armament of a new Mon Cal Class Star Cruiser, and commenting negatively on the boxed feel of their current frigate.

The Mon Calamari detest smugglers and keep to themselves if they suspect a person is being dishonest about this profession.

Sissia Eenkar

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